Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tears of Angst

     I was in tears a few days ago; not because anyone died or I was diagnosed with leprosy, but because I was caught up in the illusion instead of the reality of my life. Here’s what was happening in the illusion: my eyes were burning from long hours in front of the computer, a librarian responded that she never bought books unless they were reviewed by one of the big four, my publisher refused to give me more promotional copies, and I hadn’t slept the night before from discovering I’d forgotten an on-line radio show.
      Here’s what was happening in the reality of my life: I was thrilled and excited to have a fast, efficient, and streamlined computer with which to work. I was thrilled and excited to be finding people all over the world willing to support my efforts to get the book out there. I was thrilled and excited that a super-duper social media expert was showing me the ropes in this new-fangled digital age of communication. And I was thrilled and excited that hard work was bringing results.
     Focusing on the illusion brought me heartache. Focusing on the reality brought me joy. The choice was mine; then, now and always.


  1. I love when we are able to recognize when we have strayed too far into the illusion before it completely takes over :)

    You are doing an amazing job Betsy! Keep it up, the world needs you!

  2. So glad to find your blog - will be tuning in regularly, dear.

    Yes, it's our choice to see through that third eye, or the illusion through your physical eyes. We'll help remind each other which view brings utter JOY!!!!! As Abe reminds us, "When in misery, get less specific."

  3. Beautiful, Betsy...thank you for your healing words.